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Registration Deadline

2022 General Election, November 8, 2022

To vote in the 2022 General Election, applications must be postmarked no later than October 14, 2022 and received by a board of elections no later than October 19, 2022 to be eligible to vote in the General Election.

New York State Voter Deadlines

November 8, 2022 General Election

Some New York State (NYS) voters will see candidates running for the following:

  • New York State Governor
  • New York State Senate (candidates vary by districts)
  • New York State Assembly (candidates vary by districts)
  • Mayor (candidates vary by location)
  • U.S. House of Representatives (candidates vary by districts)
  • New York State Supreme Court (candidates vary by districts)
Voter Education

Your Registration Information

Find Your Registration Information
Registered New York State voters can find their voter registration and polling site information on the Board of Elections' website. 

Poll Site Search, Voter Registration, and Absentee Ballot Tracker

Changing Names/Addresses
The voter registration form should be used as a change of address form. Notices of change of address from registered voters received at least 20 days before a special, primary or general election by a county board of elections must be processed and entered in the records in time for that election.

Changing Your Party Affiliation
The voter registration form should be used to change your party affiliation from one party to another or to affiliate for the first time in a party. A change of affiliation received up until February 14 each year will be effective immediately. Changes received on or after February 15 until seven days after the June Primary Election will be set aside and opened the seventh day following the June Primary Election and entered in the voter's registration record.